Quality Dog and Cat Food

At Taste of the Wild, we strive to make the safest dog and cat food possible. Each of our quality dog food and cat food recipes is designed by our veterinarians and nutritionists to meet specific nutritional requirements and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. Taste of the Wild pet foods are made in five state-of-the-art facilities in the USA: two in California and one each in Missouri, Arkansas and South Carolina.

Safety First. Quality Always.

You have high standards for the food your pet eats, so we have high standards for how we make it. At Taste of the Wild, healthy dog and cat food is synonymous with safe dog and cat food. We continually monitor ingredients, production environment, production processes and finished products to ensure the quality and safety of our pet food. By implementing scientific and technological advancements, we have developed a comprehensive food safety system that ensures our pet food is always healthy, safe and nutritious.

Some of our safety and quality protocols include:

  • 1,340 mycotoxin tests per week
  • 1,600+ microbiological tests per week
  • 225 oxidative stability tests on fats and oils per month
  • 7,500+ ingredient nutritional tests per month
  • 56,000+ finished product nutritional tests per month

Learn more about how Taste of the Wild ensures the quality of our products.

SQF Certification

SQF Certified Supplier logoIn addition to our own comprehensive safety protocols, all Taste of the Wild Pet Food plants are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. This means that a third-party audit ensures each of our facilities, our manufacturing process and our administrative procedures meet or exceed a strict set of standards set by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI).

Rigorous guidelines are in place for a variety of processes, including:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of equipment and facilities
  • Storage and handling of ingredients and products
  • Knowledge and practices of staff
  • Document control and record keeping
  • And more

Taste of the Wild Pet Food is proud to be SQF-certified and to be transparent with our customers about the safety and quality of their pets’ food.

Trusted Suppliers

To help ensure Taste of the Wild is the quality dog and cat food you can trust, we choose to maintain close relationships with a select few trusted suppliers. While many pet food manufacturers engage in a bidding system with suppliers, constantly switching sources, we choose to foster long-term relationships. This allows us to keep a close eye on quality and safety standards as well as keep our prices in check by creating efficiencies.

We also take care to ensure our ingredients are sustainably and humanely raised. Each bag of our healthy dog and cat foods feature a protein that has been carefully selected. These include: pasture-raised venison, bison and beef, sustainably sourced salmon, spring-fed trout, and cage-free turkey and duck.